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The film archive of journalist and screenwriter Ernst Wollenberg comprises over 70 hours of 35mm film, including never-before-seen footage of the construction of the Berlin Wall and of divided Berlin in the 1960s and 1970s, cinematic observations around the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 and from the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), as well as footage from Africa, South America and Asia from the 1960s to 1980s.

Around 10 hours of raw footage show the construction of the Berlin Wall and the events surrounding it from both parts of the divided city of Berlin: escape attempts through tunnels and over ladders, Wall deaths, riots and demonstrations on the West side, Allied forces in Berlin, refugees in the emergency reception camp Berlin-Marienfelde, but also new insights into the everyday life of the people behind the Iron Curtain.

During the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a film team accompanied the athletes of the last all-German Olympic team and captured a variety of impressions from Japan on 35mm reels in colour - from temples, tea ceremonies and traditional martial arts to landscape shots and the pulsating Tokyo nightlife. An impressive journey back in time to Japan in the 1960s.

Deutsche Welle

Production period

Number of films
approx. 80

Running time
8-40 min

16mm, 35mm | coloured, b/w

Politics, Current Affairs, Berlin Wall, Culture

Filming location
German Democratic Republic (GDR), Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), Berlin, Japan, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Namibia, USA

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