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The collection comprises broadcasts and raw material of the television magazine "Blickpunkt – Berichte aus den neuen Bundesländern" from the period 1990 to 2005 from the archive of the company TI:ME:CO:DE Berlin. The magazine focuses on developments in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), the social and political upheavals following the fall of the Wall and the coming together and development of a reunified Germany.

The collection contains the archives of the company TI:ME:CO:DE Berlin, which produced the programme "Blickpunkt – Berichte aus den neuen Bundesländern" for German television channel ZDF from 1990 to 2005. It includes a total of over 750 Betacam SP and Digital Betacam tapes with raw material and 11 videotapes with complete broadcasts. The archive was acquired by the DEFA Foundation in 2010.

TI:ME:CO:DE Berlin was founded in 1990 and specialised in the production of documentaries and reports for various TV stations. The 30-minute TV magazine "Blickpunkt" started as "Blickpunkt aus den neuen Ländern" on October 7th, 1990. It was the successor to "DDR auf dem Weg" with reports and features from the former territory of the GDR. “Blickpunkt” dealt with topics from the fields of politics, economics, current affairs, society and sports in 3 to 5-minute reports and was broadcast monthly. The content of the approximately 200 contributions focus mainly on the new federal states and the coming together of Germany after reunification. The material offers insights into the worries, fears, but also hopes of people in the first 15 years after the collapse of the GDR. They cover the fallout from the social and political upheavals, changes in people’s private and professional lives, their reactions to the new structures and living conditions, the decline in prospects for some and the crisis of identity felt by many.


Production period

Number of films
approx. 180

Running time
5-140 min

Digital Beta, Betacam SP | coloured

Society, economy, German reunification

Filming locations
Germany (New federal states of Germany)

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Die Grube in Bischofferode | 1995